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Night Street Photography: high ISO or IS ?


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Sep 4, 2011

This is my first post on TalkNex. I live in nyc and just started to get into street photography in the spring of this year. I've been currently shooting with an old Olympus 35RC with rolls of iso 200 fujifilm. I'm planning on shooting mostly at night and was wondering which would be better: An Olympus EP(L)-1,2,3 with IBIS or an NEX(3,4,5) with clean high ISO. I rarely use flash and have a few legacy lenses from minolta, canon fd, and one 50mm 1.8 nikon pancake. The NEX-7 looks absolutely amazing but is outside my price range. I'm leaning more toward a second hand EPL-2 or NEX-3. I haven't seen the buy/sell forum too busy yet. What is the approximate used price for these cameras these days with the NEX-C3 and NEX-5N flooding the current market. I can imagine people wanting to sell their older NEX bodies for the NEX-7...




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Aug 16, 2011
Washington DC
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Hello and welcome AzNJJ.

I suspect it would amount to much the same thing. The couple of stops advantage from the NEX sensor will be matched by the couple of stops from the IBIS if you are using legacy lenses. The one factor that might come into play later is if you pick up some Sony lenses. At that point you get the benefit of the sensor and stabilised lenses.

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