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NEX5N for second camera/video?


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Sep 29, 2011
I am wanting something small to throw in a bag when I don't want to have my Leica M9 sitting around, AND I'd like to have something to shoot video (kids at school choir, etc) with.

I like the idea of the NEX7 and the more manual controls, but it seems bigger. Does the 5N feel small enough to throw in a bag?

Video: What does the 5N bring to the table in real-world terms over the 5? I'm not producing TV, just videos of the kids...can I get by with the 5 instead?

I considered an Oly E-PL3, but I like the focus-peaking on the NEXs. How'd the 5N compare with the m4/3 (I know the sensor is bigger on NEX, etc., for IQ I'll go Leica, but in terms of portability/usability...)

Thanks for any insight!



New to TalkEmount
Sep 6, 2011
For video, the NEX-5N is significantly better than the NEX-5. The 5N has full manual controls for video, and it can go higher frame (60p instead of 30p) and bit rates. In addition, the 5N doesn't crop the picture in video which the 5 does. The 5N also has touch screen which allows you to touch to focus, which can be useful for video. But if you are not picky, the 5 is fine too.

If you are interested in taking pictures in low light, the NEX is better than m4/3. It also has better dynamic range that allows you more flexibility in PP. Currently NEX is a bit lacking in compact lens selection compared to m4/3, but hopefully that will change over time.

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