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Nex3 vs nex 5n video quality


New to TalkEmount
Nov 10, 2011
sorry to bother you withsilly question, i am looking at either the nex3 or nex 5how much lower in quality is the video in the nex 3 compared to the nex 5n . is the video quality that much poorer in the 3. has any one compared he 720 vs 080 side bys ide on a big screen tv not a computer monitor. thank you in advance :)


TalkEmount Regular
Sep 30, 2011
Los Angeles
You can download samples at DPreview and other reviews for both cameras. What may be a big difference for some may be very little for others.

I watch videos from the NEX-3 on my 46" 1080p plasma TV and they look excellent. I'm sure 1080p would be potentially a little crisper. But the overall image quality (color, lack of CMOS jelly, etc.) is very good IMO.

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