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NEX Fun lenses


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Sep 13, 2011
I have just bought two fun lenses, 25mm F1.4 toy lens and 35mm F1.7.
You can buy them on Ebay for US $219.99
SLR Magic x Toy Lens 26mm f/1.4 lens w/ Macro EPL2 GF2 | eBay
or for about 50$ from this guy
25mm f1.4 toy lens - hello x stranger

They came with adapters, are metal, quite well build, very small. Of course they are not your primes but are quite useful for special effects, see the photos below made with 35/1.7 lens (Singapore, Chinese Garden).
Photos are just a bit overcompressed, but otherwise no processing done, straight from NEX-5. Note the swirl, it can be either in periphery or in the middle; ants are captured with two macro rings.

These lens are quite decent and are quite fast, 1.7 and 1.4 (vignetting in NEX will make circle with black outside, I have yet to play with this), so why is it not possible to make prime lens this size? Is it not a question of correcting the shape?





TalkEmount Regular
Aug 23, 2012
Hi i am new this is my first post, i did a lot of research and discovered that the Fujian 1.7 35mm is very much about the same quality of the SLR MAGIC that you may find on e-bay, mine cost me 26USD. Free shipping. haven't tested it yet, but saturday I will.

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