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NEX (adventure camera)

Tony Drehfal

New to TalkEmount
Sep 30, 2011
I regularly take wilderness backpack/canoe journeys including yearly paddles in Ontario's Quetico Provincial Park. The NEX system is on my radar, and I watch it's development.
One feature that I hope that Sony would work at is a NEX weatherproof line, something similar to the small sensor Pentax, Panasonic, and Canon offerings.

That may not be a direction Sony will ever take. I still am interested in the NEX, and would look at how I would travel with the camera (waterproof case with the smallest profile to put in my Duluth pack).
Lense size is something that I am am watching - and I would probably only trek with a small prime wide angle lense considering what is currently available.

Is anyone else drawn to the NEX for this kind of purpose?


TalkEmount Rookie
Sep 30, 2011
Yes-- I'd like a model to have some weather sealing. Something small (like NEX) for backpacking would be a great. (Better than my P+S, but lighter and smaller than my Canon Rebel.)

I wonder how durable the NEX-7 is, and whether Sony can get weather sealing into the design. I wonder what the market is for such camera, though..

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