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NEX-7 presentation from B&H Photo


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Aug 25, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
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Phoenix Gonzales
I saw this presentation by Mike Bubolo (Sony) for B&H Photo for the Sony NEX-7, he answers (and also explains) a lot of queries regarding the NEX-7, he also did mention the future of E-mount lenses as well as the quality of the images taken with pre-production models of the NEX-7 thats been floating around the net from reviewers.

Halfway through the video my wife expressed her concerns regarding the drool coming out of my mouth and my eyes glued to the screen (she did mention that if it was porn she would understand, but over a camera??) nevertheless, I really cant wait until the NEX-7 becomes available, based on this detailed presentation this may very well be the camera that I've always wanted.


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Sep 25, 2011
I had to wait to watch that one until my wife left the house. Otherwise I'm sure she'd have said the same thing--although Mike often stumbles in the most unfortunate ways often giving our mistaken information. Sad when I can rattle of the specs faster than the guy Sony pays to do that . . .

EDIT: sad on my part not Mike. He seems competent--just a little nervous on stage.

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