NEX-7 from a 2 years m43 user


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Looking at this camera from a m43 (Panasonic GF1) user from 2 years ago, and specially from the last Panasonic presentations.
I am beginning to see a very separated future lines for mirroless market:

- Panasonic and Olympus betting for a proconsumer market comming from high end compact cameras, but looking for more computer corrections on lens and also size reduction vs optical quality (and maybe on future cost reductions).
- Sony betting for a slight overall size reduction and betting for a new system (it seems no more mirror cameras in 10 years), but maintaining optical quality and less software correction (obviously no much size reduction here) so maybe their products will be directed to more professional market (traslucent mirror adaptor is amazing for professionals waiting to leave a heavy bodies for a while)

Really, at this moment, if I have to choose my very first mirroless camera I will go (no doubt) for NEX-7 (will be almost perfect for me with the D7000 or K-5 sensor). I can wait to see the sensor test for production units.

Now my investment on m43 stuff (lenses, flash, underwater case....) is so high that I willing that Panasonic mantain a balance between quality and technology and really waiting for a PRO Panasonic body:D:D:D:D:D:D:D or jejeje is there someone interested on a vey complete m43 equipment?????

What do you think?


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Unknown factor is Samsung with their new APS-C NX200 & their 85mm ƒ1.4....
This combination could cause me to switch allegance.....:p


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I've been an m4/3 user since the E-P1 came out and currently use an E-P2. The NEX-7 has got my attention. It's the best mirrorless offering so far. I too have an investment in m4/3 and hope that Panasonic or Olympus will soon offer something on the level of the NEX-7. If they don't, it's most likely I'll be switching to the Sony. At least with new adapters I will still be able to use my legacy lenses.


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I agree that the NEX 7 is looking to set a new standard for these "compact" cameras.

However the price point is a bit heavy. How much is too much for a compact camera? One of the main reasons I initialy bought my NEX was that it was a bit less than a full frame DSLR. I had always been interested in shooting better, but not willing to pay $1000.


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RT_Panther said:
Unknown factor is Samsung with their new APS-C NX200 & their 85mm ƒ1.4.... This combination could cause me to switch allegance.....:p
Right!!! I forget it. Really Samsung could be a great competitor but, I can say nothing because I haven't enough information about roadmap and future plans. Someone with Samsung camera maybe throught some light.


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