NEX-6 or NEX-7

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Cameras' started by iaeaix, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. iaeaix

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    Jun 13, 2013
    Recently considering selling other stuff to get a NEX.
    Looking at the specs of these 2 Camera, it looks like NEX-6 is better? lower MP 16M vs 24M for sure would give better quality per pixel, 16M is more than enough for most of the case.

    Is the EVF of 6 the same with 7?
  2. Tabibito

    Tabibito TalkEmount Regular

    Apr 1, 2013
    Yup the EVF is the same. But with NEX-6 you get hybrid AF and better noise control (it's newer anyway), while with NEX-7 you get tri-navi dials and bigger MP.
  3. Yohan

    Yohan TalkEmount Veteran

    May 21, 2012
    Vancouver, BC
    I went into a store to upgrade my 5N. The intention was to buy the 6. I walked out of the store with a 7.

    It might be a small difference to some, but Tri-Navi is a big difference for me. It was the first mirrorless that I owned that had tip of the finger control like a DSLR. 24MP give you a lot to work with. As for PDAF, I've read mixed results on its usability/reliability. Either way, you're getting a great camera. The 7 just felt right to me.
  4. Fiddler

    Fiddler TalkEmount Regular

    Mar 8, 2012
    It depends on what and how you shoot. The control layout of the 7 really suits me, and 24MP of detail is nice to have.

    You couldn't go wrong with either - they're both lovely cameras.
  5. Lazarov

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    Jun 16, 2013
    I went for a nex 6. The big thing was the wifi, apps and better iso/noise on the 6.
    I uses alot of manual lencens often wide angle, and i read that the 7 has some issues with widangle so that sealed the deal for me.
    After using my 6 a few month i have notised that the apps is rather bad written and has major flaws. But i still like my 6 :)

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  6. Bill

    Bill TalkEmount Veteran

    Oct 22, 2012
    Brisbane, Australia
    The most relevant question seems to me to be: Do you have a use for the extra pixels in the 7? If not, get the 6.

    I have a few other thoughts:

    I prefer the Tri-Navi, but you'll get used to the NEX-6.

    I shoot raw all the time in both cameras, so the wi-fi in the 6 is no help to me.

    The 6 has no colour cast problems with the 10-18mm, but I can fix those with the flat field plugin in Lightroom anyway.

    The 6 is "better" in low light than the 7, but you can down-sample the 7's output and get pretty close.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  7. will t

    will t TalkEmount Rookie

    Jun 18, 2013
    I am struggling with the NEX 6 vs. 7 question as well, because I am very close to buying one or the other. You may have seen the thread I started about the practicality and feasibility of using my 28, 35, 50, and 90mm Leica M lenses on a 6 or 7. That is a separate matter from which body I should buy. My latest 6 vs. 7 questions are (and all the questions assume I will be using Leica glass): 1, if I got the 6 would I wish I had the Tri-nav because I am doing too much menu diving? 2, if I got the 6 would I wish I had the larger pixel count to take advantage of the glass?, 3, if I got the 6 would I be disappointed with the video quality?

    And if I got the 7 would I be disappointed because the body is "too big" (compared to the 6) and won't fit in my pocket as easily with the 28, 35 or 50 lens? Would I actually never notice the larger pixel count and feel like i didn't need to spend the extra money? Would I be disappointed with the low-light performance of the 7?

    I have many more questions and I realize that the answers to all of them probably start with "it depends", but...

    Your thoughts, comments, and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


  8. ChangshaNotes

    ChangshaNotes Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Aug 15, 2012
    The 7 is actually smaller than the 6. It's heavier as it's made with less plastic.

    I use the NEX-7 and the tri-nav is wonderful.
  9. will t

    will t TalkEmount Rookie

    Jun 18, 2013
    Hi all:

    Well, I was agonizing back and forth between the 6 and the 7 and I finally decided upon the 7, which once my adapters arrive, I will use with my old Leica M lenses. Meanwhile, I shot a few images with the kit 18-55, so here goes... (your comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc. are not only welcomed but solicited.) Thanks!





  10. bmg123

    bmg123 TalkEmount Veteran Subscribing Member

    Jan 15, 2013
    England, UK
    I'll just reaffirm others' points that the NEX-7 interface is fantastic, the control dials are really useful when using Manual mode on the street.
  11. NickCyprus

    NickCyprus Super Moderator

    Oct 11, 2012
    Nice shots! And congrats on the purchase ;)
  12. will t

    will t TalkEmount Rookie

    Jun 18, 2013
    thanks! there will be a substantial learning curve but i'm looking forward to it.
  13. Hot Texas

    Hot Texas TalkEmount Rookie

    May 30, 2013
    I had the same problem, I walked out with the 6 just because I liked where the controls are and never looked back, I just love it.
  14. will t

    will t TalkEmount Rookie

    Jun 18, 2013
    so far i still have all the controls at the default setting with a few minor exceptions like focus peaking, MF assist, etc., but the dials, function button, and soft keys are all still the same as they were out of the box. i am feeling my way around ok and getting more and more used to it. once i am comfortable and decide what my priorities are i may customize some of the controls but as it is, the 7 is a joy to use. no other feedback at this point but once i shoot some more i may develop some.