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Newbie: Some A7+MC-11 pictures


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Jul 9, 2021

I recently got a Sony A7 and joined here, and here are a couple of pics that I have shot with the A7 and MC-11. These are just test shots, so nothing artistic, and all should be OOC Jpegs. P.S. All shot using AF-S mode.

This is with a Canon 90-300mm + MC-11. Handheld, 1/125, f7.1, ISO 6400. This is one of the things I shoot when I am trying new cameras/lenses:


This is with a Canon 400mm (prime) + MC-11. Hummingbird feeder hanging on our back deck, shot through one of glass panes in our back door. Handheld, 1/800, f5/6, ISO 800.


I am still culling an may post additional ones.

In case it wasn't noticeable, I am mostly interested in long lenses/long zooms, with the A7, and hopefully, with an A7IV when it comes out.

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