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New Year 2012


TalkEmount Top Veteran
Aug 25, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Real Name
Phoenix Gonzales
Hi All

With the approaching new year most of us get contemplative with the incoming year and look at the year that has past in restrospect and sometimes tell ourselves "what a year it has been!" and in looking back I would like to express my thanks the site's founder and it's staff for providing us a place where we can share our passion, hobby, questions, answers and opinions.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has asked a question, answered a question, shared an opinion, provided info and did a review, big or small I feel that I have learned something when I come across any of these and this has helped me grow as a photographer.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who has shared their images (some say that there isn't a picture that I don't like, this is inaccurate) I enjoy photographs in all of it's shapes and forms and while some images I prefer more than others I acknowledge the fact that everyone has different shooting styles, different tastes not to mention that photography as an art is subjective, and ultimately I am thankful that I get to see beauty that is photography through your eyes.

I would also like to thank the academy.....oops I forgot I'm not at the Oscars ;)

:D:D So here's me, thanking everyone for the year that has been & wishing everyone a very happy and wonderful new year!! :D:D


Amin Sabet

Aug 6, 2011
I want to thank everyone as well for helping get TalkNEX off to a great start and wish everyone a wonderful new year in 2012!!!


New to TalkEmount
Feb 13, 2012
Thanks a lot friend.
God gave us another year to work hard and to fulfill our dreams.So be more professional and dedicated towards your goal and destination.

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