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New NEX-5N problems

Shaun 73T

New to TalkEmount
Sep 23, 2012
I just got a new NEX-5N and it takes dark and oversaturated pics in Auto mode. It's actually the second one as I took back the first thinking it was broken. Dark isn't extremely dark, in fact I can easily fix with Levels in PhotoShop, but I can't do that with the volume of pics I take. ISO works fine but I need excellent, out of the box Auto setting pics.

Some pics from today. ISO100 in manual, auto, and my friends Fuji P&S in auto.

My old Lumix LX3 took great pics doing nothing. What's wrong with the Sony? Is it supposed to take such dark pics? I don't think 2 cameras in a row can be bad.

thank you for any help on this.


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