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Richard Crowe

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Sep 14, 2018
I have been using NIK Software for years since I originally purchased it (before it became a freebie) from Google.

I have always accessed the various NIK in components using Photoshop by selecting FILTER which always brought up a drop-down menu that included NIK Collection as one of the choices. After selecting NIK Collection I could choose any one of the NIK filters I wanted such as VIVEZA or DFINE.

Today, I shot a few pics, with my A6400, of a dog running around and after opening the image in Adobe Camera RAW, I tried to access the NIK collection in the filter menu and it was nowhere to be seen in the drop-down menu choices.

I tried this with a second camera, an A6500, and got the same results.

I then looked at how I transferred the image from memory card to the computer using Adobe Bridge and found that, for some strange reason, the check mark in the box selecting convert to Adobe DNG had been deleted. I don't know why or how this happened but, apparently that was where the problem originated.

I checked the Adobe DNG box with a new series of images and low-and-behold, after opening the image in Photoshop and selecting the FILTER choice; the drop down box included NIK COLLECTION choice.

However, in trying to troubleshoot this problem further. I shot some images with my Canon 6D Mark 2 opening them with both "convert to DNG" box checked and not checked. For some reason it did not make any difference whether that box was checked or not. NIK COLLECTION was available in the drop down FILTER menu in either case.


When I open a Sony image without checking the "DNG Box" it will open as a .ARW image

When I open a Canon image without checking the "DNG box" it will open as a CR2 image

Obviously when the box is checked on both image types, they open as a .DNG image

I can access the FILTER Menu NIK Collection for a .DNG or CR2 image but, not for an .ARW image
Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

No big problem since I usually have the DNG box checked but, it was confusing for a short while there...

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