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    This morning I was thinking that I have 4 options for 28mm Field of View;
    The 2/28 Sony I just received from Adorama, the 16-35, the 24-70, and the 24-240.

    So, I put the lens in a bag, put my A7M2 on a tripod and did a series of exposures in the side yard. I used the auto focus to find focus with the center small spot. Then turned on MF so the lens would not refocus at each aperture. I then ran from widest to smallest aperture for each lens. Given the way Sony adjusts aperture, every other sequence was from small to large.

    I imported the images into Lightroom using my custom camera profile that assigns a linear tone curve and corrects the color to the Color Checker reference.

    I then processed the first image, 2/28 at F2.0, using my normal processing routine. Here are the settings:

    The Vibrance and HSL setting are the result of applying a Kodachrome preset. As the slider setting show, the preset effectively increases exposure a smidgen since luminance in each color is raised a bit.

    This is the result for the F2.0 image with the 28mm Sony prime.


    I then applied the same settings to all the other images in the test set. will take you to a gallery with all the images.
    The sequence of lenses is; 28mm, 16-35, 24-240, 24-70. The EXIF data is available for the images.

    At the end of the test, looking at the images in Lightroom, my conclusion is that all the lenses deliver good results. Its just a matter of which lens one wants to use based on shooting circumstances. That's a good situation, in my view, I can select a lens based on what I need for the shooting situation, without a concern that I am going to compromise my results based on lens optical performance.

    Using the compare featureI looked at images, zoomed to 100%, from each lens at F4. The 28mm is a bit better than the 16-35 in the center and about the same around the edges. The 24-70 is a little less sharp and the 24-240 is a close fourth. At F11 the ranking is the same but the differences are even less pronounced.
    At F2 and F2.8 The 2/28 is better than the 16-35 at F4 in the center. Its a little harder to do a good comparison at the edges because the DoF has some impact since the edges are not in the same plane as the focus point.

    The 2/28 is a bit more contrasty that the zooms. That seems to be a nearly universal characteristic of primes when compared with zooms.
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    Thanks again for your efforts, David, that's just what needed to know at the moment.