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My Moon Attempt


TalkEmount All-Pro
Mar 2, 2012
New England
Must be something about being so far North. I can't get the 55-210 to fill as much of the frame as other people have been able to do.

Full Frame:
20120804 Moon FF.jpg

100% Crop:
20120804 Moon.jpg


Super Moderator
Oct 28, 2011
Washington State
Real Name
Nah, that looks about right for the 55-210. Great exposure on this. Based on the position of the crater at the bottom, you must be fairly east of me (Washington state).


TalkEmount All-Pro
Feb 4, 2012
New Zealand
Photo still looks good tho... :)

I recently saw a cable TV doco about the 'size & scale' of space.

I was surprised how far the moon really is in relation to its size and that of the planet earth. If the earth was the size of a basketball, the moon would be the size of a tennis ball, 21 feet (6.4 meters) away!

The distances in between the planets in our solar system is even more staggering!

If we downsize the planet earth even further to about the size of a small 1/8" inch (3mm) plastic bead... the sun would be the size of a bowling ball... which would be 93 feet (28.3 meters) away!

Jupiter being the largest planet would be about the size of a regular lollipop, 484 feet (147.5 meters) away from the bowling ball.
Slightly smaller, Saturn would be about the size of a glass marble, 886 feet (270 meters) from the bowling ball.
Uranus about the size of a large pea, is 1800 feet (548.6 meters) from the bowling ball.
Neptune about the size of a mini marble is half a mile (0.8 of a kilometer) away from the bowling ball.

Boy, I really got it wrong when I helped my kids build a solar system model for their school project, lol! :eek:

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