My Easter Egg diffusers & gels

Discussion in 'Portrait' started by fractal, Mar 29, 2016.

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    On Easter my daughter was playing around with "face stickers" - of course I had to take some photos.

    Since we were inside, i decided to shoot at a smaller aperture (f/8) and use the pop-up flash figuring that would blacken out the background.

    The first shot...


    Then I had the idea of using plastic easter eggs as a diffuser and color gel over my flash. I slid half of a yellow plastic egg and with the same setting got this shot...

    PS-I don't know why she was so serious. More like annoyed that she had to pose.


    I managed to convince her to sit still for one more shot; this time with a pink egg over the flash...


    It was a fun experiment and turned out to be an easy way to add a bit of creativity into ordinary pictures.
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    Sep 10, 2015
    My 'kids' are in their 30s now, but I well remember that "Daaaad..." look that seems universal. :)
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    Fun times:)