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    Feb 2, 2014
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    Ian Fenn
    I take a lot of photographs of coins. I know that sounds boring! However there are unique challenges and often just one lens or one style of Photography won't cut it. One of the big challenges is getting a coin looking life like. A highly polished coin can be an absolute devil to get right. One suggestion that came up time and time again was to go tilt shift. The best Macro TS lens as I understand it is Nikons 85mm. However that sort of expense takes money away from collecting coins! Also I wanted to try outdoors Tilt shift photography, and for that something like the Canon 24mm TS would be best( and even less money left over for buying coins). After considerable research I purchased a Mirex Tilt Shift adapter, a Mamiya 645 80mm Macro, and the 35mm wide angle. Its been a steep learning curve but it was well worth the expense! The adapter is only built to order and isn't cheap. I initially wanted a Mamiya 645 to M42 adapter. However the company recommended that for an A 7r a Mamiya to Eos TS adapter would actually be best. So thats what I got. It arrived 10 days after ordering it and I still had another few days before the Macro lens( its now looking a likely mistake) arrived.

    The adapter impressed me. Everything just simply worked as it should! All the movements are smooth. If I was to niggle, probably unfairly, the knurled screw for tensioning the tilt mechanism is just a little out of keeping with the whole adapter. However that screw does the job. Heres what the adapter looks like in its box:


    One of the things the company asked me was did I want an optional lever that made operating the adapter 360 degree totation easier. I'm glad I said yes. On an EOS-nex adapter the adapter has completely free movement. The larger lever just makes the rotation so much easier. On some Nikon and Canon cameras that lever would collide with parts of the camera housing, for those cameras a much closer fitting lever is provided: Here is a slightly misfocused shot of the adapter from the back. The lever I am referring to is obvious( its made of copper).


    The adapter provides 10 degrees of very smooth tilt:


    There are 15 mm of shift here is what the 25mm lens looks like on the camera with full left shift:


    I thought tilt was going to be the most useful function for photographing coins,however trying different techniques I found Shift was the simplest most effective technique. This is how I came to see the 80mm macro as being less than adequate. With 10mm of shift I am able to move the coin almost completely out from underneath the lens (while keeping it centered in the middle of the sensor!!!) this enables much better and more appropriate lighting. A couple of tries with the 35mm told me with a longer focusing distance I could get a coin completely out from under the lens. My aim in the new year is to replace the 80mm lens with the 120mm macro. Heres a shot showing how far out I can move a coin from under the lens( note the coin is centered in the middle of the sensor). In this shot I am using full shift I subsequently found 10mm gives the best results


    The 35mm lens is brilliant. I am yet to try out some tilt shots but heres a test Panorama ( combination of three shots):

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    I am hoping that Kippon will make tilt shift adapter for other mounts than Nikon, preferally for Contax CY. I have Contax CY 85mm Sonnar and will get a 28mm after Christmas.

    That adapter is only about 230 €.
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    Feb 2, 2014
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    Ian Fenn
    I have started to "play" with the tilt function. Of course I had to try producing "miniatures". Not sure how well I succeeded. It was a grotty day at least the photo of the U Bahn was made interesting by the rain on the bridge. You can see with the boat picture where a few drops of rain ended up on the filter. Lens is Mamiya Sekor 35mm F3.5 N



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    Sep 28, 2014
    Very interesting post and photos.
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    Mar 2, 2014
    David K Fonseca
    Love the train shots. Very cool. I have never really played with tilt shift though it's very interesting to me. Thanks for the post!
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