Showcase Minolta 35mm f/2.8 MC W Rokkor-HG

Discussion in 'Adapted Lens Sample Image Showcase' started by cvt01, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. cvt01

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    Jan 3, 2015
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  2. addieleman

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    Nov 13, 2012
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    Apparently there are heavy adapters around. All my adapters weigh around 100g, Novoflex or Chinese stuff. It's normal that you'll find infinity focus just a little bit before the infinity mark on the lens, it allows for tolerances and even the expensive Novoflex adapters are like that. I have one beautifully machined adapter from Poland for Canon FD and according to the manufacturer it has the exact dimensions and indeed most of my Canon lenses focus correctly. However, my FD 35/2 S.S.C. doesn't quite get to infinity which is a much greater problem than not being able to just turn the lens to its infinity stop to get to infinity.

    Congrats BTW, that's a very nice sample of the Minolta MC 35/2.8. My lenses of this type put in a very respectable performance, stopping down to f/8 produces an image that is sharp across the frame except for the very extreme corners, only contrast is a little lower than for later (MD) lenses. Have fun with it!
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  3. cvt01

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    Jan 3, 2015
    Thanks, for the comments, I agree 100%. The infinity not being at the mark is not even a real problem. I have a few adapters which are right at the end point but it is better this way than not focusing to infinity at all.
    Regarding to the weight: the lens is 227g the adapter is 105g the lens hood is 13g. Just for info I have a Neveer Konica hexanon adapter it weighs 85g and the K&F Koncept adapter for that same mount I also own is just 89g. So While the K&F looks massive and it is a great quality adapter it is not much more heavy than the el cheapo looking Neveer counterpart.
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  4. cvt01

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    Jan 3, 2015
    Added some better pictures of the lens to the OP
  5. davect01

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    Aug 20, 2011
    Fountain Hills, AZ
    Very cute first shot.
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