Milich L-Plate for Sony a7 / a7R with Vertical Grip Review

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    Long time no see talkEmount! I bought the A7R with the battery grip and did some searching for a L-bracket for it. I found a ton on but didn't find any with the battery grip installed on the camera itself. RRS didn't have any either. If you google for the product, you'd find a ton of L brackets for the A7/7R without the battery grip installed. I stumbled upon a photographers blog and noticed his A7R, mentioning he bought his L-bracket from John Milich who specializes in milled camera parts at Here's my review of the Milich L-Bracket for the Sony A7/A7R with the battery grip installed.

    The L-Bracket can be bought here:
    Price: $140 USD plus $20 shipping.

    Sample pictures shot w/ Samsung Note 4:


    You can slide the bracket over to access the ports and change out the batteries without taking off the unit completely:


    The L-bracket does come with a wing screw so no tools needed for installation:



    Solid build. Very nice anodized black matte finish. You can access the ports and battery compartment without taking off the whole unit. You just have to loosen the wing screw a bit to slide the unit over or out of the way. This was a plus since I regularly change out batteries and connect my camera to the computer via USB. This bracket "lives" on my camera btw.


    Price. I can easily find a similar product for the A7/7R for half the price that Milich was charging. As I mentioned earlier, however, it was hard to find a L-bracket that was made for the A7/7R with the grip attached without customizing or jerry rigging something up. Add also the $20 shipping, which is from New York, US.

    Weight. Rated at 80 grams I'm not complaining but it does take away the lightweighty-ness of a mirrorless camera.

    A little DISCLAIMER:

    Upon researching other forums about Milich camera parts, I've read that shipping/delivery times may vary...:frown: I did contact John Milich after I sent my payment in regards to this. He responded right away and explained that the camera parts department is small and he does try to satisfy his demanding clients. He also shipped my bracket the next day and the unit was delivered 3 days later. I live on the west coast and he ships from the east coast. All I can say is that his customer service was very pleasing and he answered all my questions and worries :bravo-009:.
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