Memory Register Recall on the A6000

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Cameras' started by rdfisch, May 3, 2014.

  1. rdfisch

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    Nov 13, 2013
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    So I've figured out the memory registers on the A6000 ... I think.

    I love this capability ... almost. Last night I spent a little time setting up the three registers for three different shooting scenarios and felt relieved before I even used them that I wouldn't have to remember changing half a dozen or more settings each time my needs change. At this point I was only wishing for a couple of more registers and possibly the ability to name them.

    But today I got more than a little frustrated recalling them.

    First, I recalled the MR's by rotating the mode dial to MR and then using the menu system (press menu, navigate to the 5th choice on the 7th menu of the 1st tab) and pick which of the three. Worked but way to much trouble (only due to my ignorance).

    Next, I realized it was much simpler ... rotate the mode dial to MR, select and then left/right to 1,2 or 3 ... much better BUT still 4 discrete operations on three different controls and this ONLY WORKS IF THE MODE DIAL WAS NOT PREVIOUSLY ON MR. Switching to one of the other memory registers when you are already in a MR seems to require rotating the mode dial AWAY from MR and then BACK to MR to select a different register ... sure I will get used to this but I find it anti-intuitive and annoying (akin to requiring a move backwards before you are allowed to move forwards; illogical and unnatural IMO).

    Last, I hoped to be able to assign Memory Recall to a customized button. I chose C2 and found I could assign "Memory" to the button, but this is the SAVE memory function (I only realized this after inadvertently erasing all three of my registers:crying:). Memory Recall does not seem to be assignable. I suppose that this is because the mode dial MUST be in MR position to recall a register, but I would have hoped that the engineers could have worked out something to enable quick and intuitive memory recall without this being necessary ... at a minimum have MR assignable to a button even if it only worked when the mode dial was already at MR.

    So to recap, if you are already using Register 1, and want to switch to another register you have to:

    1) Move the mode dial AWAY from MR
    2) Move the mode dial BACK to MR
    3) Press the Center button
    4) Use the Control Wheel to choose which register
    5) Finally press the Center button again.

    A much smoother UI would be to able to assign MR to a button that could be pressed once for the next register and repeat as needed so that you don't need to jump around fingering multiple controls. You would then only be one or two button presses away from selecting any of the three registers.

    Am I missing something ?
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    You can use the MENU button to bring up the settings for which register set to use if you want to switch registers while in MR mode.
  3. rdfisch

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    Nov 13, 2013
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    If you mean using the MENU button and then having to navigate to the first tab, then to the seventh menu, then to the fifth option, and finally selecting which register, thanks, but no thanks. As I said that was my first try but IMO "way to much trouble" (depending on where you were last, can be over a dozen presses). I'd rather stick with the 2nd option, even though I consider it anti-intuitive, at least it's only a few presses. It's just frustrating that the customizable button feature could have extended to MR and worked beautifully, but falls short (and ironically, you CAN assign MEMORY SAVE to a button ... I would think MEMORY RECALL a much more useful button assignment).
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    May 2, 2014
    No. Hit the Fn button when in MR mode. You can select MR 1-3 from the bottom right corner (it's the default Fn lower 6 setting if you haven't changed it). Honestly, it's probably quicker just to turn the dial twice.

    I agree that MR would be more useful as a button assignment, but it is what it is.
    I think the idea is that you have 3 "baseline" modes in MR, and you're probably going to select an MR and then turn right back to a PASM mode to tweak further.

    So the way I have mine set up is MR1 is how I almost always want the camera to be set when I turn it on and want to shoot quick. Aperture, Raw, Continuous drive low, AWB, Auto ISO, DMF, etc. I know exactly how it's set and can tweak from there.
    MR2 is my setting for anything that requires jpeg (Fine with custom WB, eye-af, auto flash & face detection on), so I can quickly jump to Multi-Frame NR, Auto HDR, creative modes, and if I want to quickly hand the camera to someone to take a picture without explaining how the half-shutter press works.
    MR3 is my setting for tripod. Aperture, Raw, OSS off, MF, focus peaking, 3 shot bracketing, fixed ISO, etc.
    So I turn the wheel to MR, select one of the 3, and then turn right back to a PASM or scene mode.

    Edit: **or that would be the way that I do it if it worked that way... I could have sworn the settings followed over to other shooting modes on the PASM dial once you recalled them, but after messing around with it a little more, I guess they don't.
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  5. rdfisch

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    Nov 13, 2013
    Northern NJ
    Thank you Sooooo much ... you found what I was missing!
    Maybe so, but I like having this option. I don't use the Fn menu much and since it starts where you had it last, it means I am now (usually) only 2 button presses from the MR selection screen.

    I only wish our user base was large enough to support custom firmware development (think jailbreak but for Sony cameras instead of iPhones). I think there was an attempt or two that didn't really fly to long, but I haven't researched it that much.

    You shouldn't need to ... P/A/S/M is one of the settings saved in the memory register. It does make your memory register a bit more specific (could be seen as advantage or limiting). I don't usually use scenes mode so I'm not sure if that is a saveable too.

    I've been working on the assumption that once you recall one of the memory registers you leave the mode dial on MR and tweak everything else via menu or customized buttons. You then are operating on your MR baseline + mods. If you decide that should be your new baseline you can do a save. But if you turn the mode dial then lots changes. I'm pretty comfortable with that logic (unlike many other parts of the UI). I haven't spent enough time with it to confirm, but I'm pretty sure that's how to utilize the memory.

    There are so many options (24 sub-menus and well over 100 things to tweak with who knows how many options) it certainly isn't obvious, at least to me which are saved in an MR. I was thinking maybe its as simple as "if its on the first set of menus then it is saved in the register" ... haven't thought it through but I suspect that theory would need to get mucked up with omissions and additions.

    Seems we each have a different part of these MR's figured out ... between the two of us we'll make it !