Meet Oreo, the cat. (first shot with NEX-5N)

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by Joshua Cairns, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Joshua Cairns

    Joshua Cairns TalkEmount Regular

    Oct 12, 2012
    Vancouver, BC
    Here he is, my old buddy. Meet Oreo.

    Also, this was my first shot with the NEX-5N, kit lens. Just couldn't wait to get outside and use it so indoors had to suffice!

    JOSHUA CAIRNS: Meet Oreo, the cat.
  2. NickCyprus

    NickCyprus Super Moderator

    Oct 11, 2012
    I'm a cat person myself (even tho I also have a dog). My "daughter" is a beautiful white Persian cat :D

    Nice shot ;)
  3. davect01

    davect01 Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Aug 20, 2011
    Fountain Hills, AZ
    While not a cat person, I respect the shot.

    Speaking of, your album has some very nice shots.
  4. applemint

    applemint TalkEmount Veteran

    Sep 20, 2012
    Cats are cool. :cool: And I think a lot of people use a cat as the subject for their first test photo from a new camera. I once read an article which was a beginners guide to using your new camera and one of the article sub-headlines was something like "Okay, Iv'e taken a picture of my cat - now what?" :eek:
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