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Market divergence between smaller mirror less NEX size and megaSLRs like new Canon


TalkEmount Veteran
Sep 3, 2011
Different tools and investment criteria here, but like many people, I noticed a big increase in which camera I used
after getting an LX3, than LX5, then NEX-5N (returned for NEX-7 after the click issue). Especially after becoming
more confident in the smaller cameras. Still need the big tele on occasion, BUT...


TalkEmount Veteran
Aug 21, 2011
I don't know that I would call it "market divergence" so much as market change. The mirrorless systems are just getting going and will get a lot cleverer yet,...equally, the black plastic DSLR has probably had it's day for general photography. The new Canon is hardly likely to interest the same type of user as NEX,..not yet anyway. The Canon is the same old pro 'doorstop' thing that Canon have made for years, however, it's VERY expensive, very heavy, very clumsy, very black, very intrusive and intimidating, and, for many serious photographers, very outmoded. There will always be sports/nature/aviation photographers who need such a machine but for general photography it's probable redundant now.

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