Manfrotto pocket tripod


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Sep 2, 2011
Small review.

I got the tripod MP1-C01 about 2 months ago.

Very nice build. the hinges feel strong and look to have a very long life. The feet are built out of durable rubber that gives a non-slip sturdy feel wile setup. the base is also full metal and holds onto the nex-5 very well even with its poorly shaped bottom.

the screw can be taken out quickly whit supplied tool or with a dime/nickel. The rubber that holds the camera too the tripod is loser than i would like so unscrewing the tripod before removing is necessary every time.

The tripod can hold the 16mm with out any problems. My all metal nikon 45mm p and 24mm 2.8 are able to be held but only when the screen is flipped out other wise the camera falls forward. I can not speak to sonys 18-55mm or any other lens bc I dont own any.

Holding the camera wile the tripod is attached is no problems and feels just as nice.

Over all-
For my needs the tripod is perfect. It works with my 3 most used lens (16, 24, 45) it does not relay work with my nikkor 200mm f4 but I have used a 2nd object to hold up the front of the lens in the past and it seems to do a fine job. This accessory almost never come off the camera and will be interested to see if it holds up a sony 50mm or any other primes that come out for the nex system.


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Feb 4, 2012
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It still makes very little sense to me. A very small bag filled with beans or rice, or even a hankerchief comes to mind as a viable alternative.

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