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Luminous Landscape NEX-7 First Impressions Review - Zeiss 24mm & Leica 24mm Compared

Amin Sabet

Aug 6, 2011

The Luminous Landscape has published a "First Impressions" review of the Sony NEX-7. One of the most interesting parts of the review is a comparison between the new Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 lens and the Leica 24mm Summilux ($6500) with each mounted on the 24MP NEX-7. Based on the test results, my first reaction was to suspect misfocus with the Summilux, because a lack of custom microlenses doesn't explain the awful center performance of the Leica, which only becomes sharp at f/11. On the other hand, Reichmann is an experienced reviewer, so he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Link: Sony NEX-7 First Impressions at The Luminous Landscape via 1001 Noisy Cameras


TalkEmount Veteran
Aug 7, 2011
Jasper, Indiana
Mr. Reichmann has indicated he is going to rerun the test of the Summilux on the NEX-7 based on feedback that many people can't believe that particular lens would perform so badly on that body.

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