Looking for a 24mm prime with f/2 or wider aperture for my Sony Nex 3NL. Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by anujkk, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Feb 3, 2014
    Suggest me a 24mm fast prime lens(f/2 or lower) for my Sony Nex 3NL camera. Sony Nex has a APS-C sized sensor with crop factor of 1.5 and I am looking for effective focal length of 35 mm. My budget is $ 350. Any third party or legacy lens(with adapter) available under $350?

    P.S. : I may also consider slightly wider lens if nothing is available at 24mm focal length.
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    Feb 2, 2014
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    Ian Fenn
    I have to ask; "why"? Its my, albeit limited, understanding of FF wide angles on APS-c is that you loose much of the wide angle perspective. The MD 24mm 2.8 is a very nice wide angle but at the cost with loss of "view" on your NEX makes it ,to me, seem an expensive and likely disappointing exercise. That said perhaps look at a cheaper wide angle first such as the 28mm 2.8 W ( don't go for the 3.5). You can then decide if you really want to go for the 24mm after that and you will likely be able to sell the 28mm for what you paid for it.
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    Jan 15, 2013
    Komine and Kiron made 24mm/2 and both made them at least to Vivitar. I think that they may be on the soft side wide open. Nikon/Canon/Olympus may be pretty expensive but maybe available below 350 USD.

    I have Ensinnor (Cimko) 24mm/2.8 and it is pretty good wide open.

    24mm focal length is very nice with crop sensor, corresponds to 35 mm lens in ff.
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    Aug 21, 2011
    Very interesting topic......

    I share your views/interest in this,.....One of the reasons I dumped my Pentax DSLR's was the lack of a 'fast moderate wide',..there still is'nt one after TEN YEARS of pentax DSLR's. During the film era I used 35mm f2 lenses on both canon and leica......at one point Leica had no less than 4 35mm's on it's list! Many photographers used the 35 as their 'standard' lens as did I.

    However, after using NEX 3 for nearly three years I have come to see that there is MUCH greater facility with f2.8 lenses for standard and moderate wide views. This is due to 3 factors which you might like to consider, namely;........1) greatly better high iso (over film) which makes f2 normally redundant,.....2) the much smaller and lighter physicality compared to f2,....and, 3) the MUCH cheaper cost (and easy choice)

    Pentax(K& M42), Canon (FD) and Olympus (OM) all offered 24mm f2 lenses for their 35mm film camera systems,....Minolta & Nikon presumably did also but I have no knowledge of those so can't comment. The f2 lenses come up on ebay form time to time but they are not only much bigger but also mostly well outside your budget in good condition. Of these, I think the Olympus OM may be the smallest but it is also the most expensive and sells around the £400 plus mark. Conversely, the Olympus 24mm f2.8 lens is about half the size and goes for about a third of the cost.

    Personally, I have found the larger prime lenses to be clumsy and awkward on NEX so only use these for specific uses...as a general use kit I have standardised on f2.8 lenses at 24 and 35mm along with f1.8 50mm (all canon FD) The old Pentax 'A' lenses are definately smaller and lighter than the FD equivalents but the 24 can be hard to find and requires patient daily perusal of ebay etc.

    Not mentioned above is the matter of whether the f2 image quality is worth the extra angst........In the film era the larger aperture could be vital for focussing and some of the f2 performance was dubious anyway. The f2.8 lenses tend to be at least as good and usually better.
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    Aug 22, 2012
    I have the Canon FDn 24/2.0 and it is a beautiful lens with nice rendering on APS-C. It does have sharpness drop-off at the corners on a FF sensor, but this will not be significant when cropped. However, on FF, the usability might be questionable because sharpness in the corners is desirable and they never really get all that sharp for landscapes. I reckon the 24/2.8 will have a much better rendering in the corners throughout.

    However, for use as an APS-C lens where expectations are for a fast 35, those issues with it as a 24mm landscape lens are non-existent or trivial. So I would say go for it. It is quite usable in the centre wide open, and if you're looking for wide bokeh, this lens will do just fine. You can see my samples of it shot on a NEX-5N.
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    Apr 10, 2013
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    Might be able to find a Canon FD f2 for under 300 if you are lucky. I got mine for 50$ (I was super lucky!), it had a little bit of oil on the aperture but everything works fine if used on an adapter. It's a fantastic lens and gives a unique perspective at f2 and at close range.

    My issue is that for me (shooting some kid/people photos) is that I find wider lenses difficult to focus. It's hard to get what's in focus to pop from the background in the EVF so I end up using magnify which usually results in missing the photo. This is not specific to this lens but basically any manual focus I have tried from 24mm to around 45-50mm. My canon fd 85mm f/1.8 is a much easier to focus. It also has a pretty long focus travel which helps in getting it right. Obviously the longer focal length and fast aperture help the most here. I find I don't even really need focus peaking with this lens

    The 24mm is a great lens for sure, especially for still subjects, or stopped down where focus accuracy is less critical. I am hoping Sony comes out with a prime in this range that is much more affordable than the 24mm Ziess. I was considering using this lens with a Lens turbo but apparently the corners will be super soft. I'm on the fence about the usefulness of this lens right now so I'm leaning towards selling it.
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    Aug 20, 2013
    It will stretch your budget just a bit I suggest you try to pony up an extra $50 and buy a Metabones Speedbooster for you NEX. It will solve all your problems.

    The Speedbooster basically takes your lenses and brings them back to the original field of view, with no crop factor. This would allow you to actually mount up a 35mm lens on your NEX and it will be a 35mm lens. Well, actually a 37.2mm lens....but hey, thats almost perfectly the same.

    But the cool thing is that it will also make your lenses one stop faster. So any lens that is f/2.8 would actually be f/2. This opens up many possibilities to find good old 35/2.8 lenses to use. You would end up with a 37/2 lens when mounted on the SB, which is pretty close to what you seem to want.

    Here is my SB set on flickr. It shows that there is no loss of image quality by using it. It actually makes your lenses slightly sharper in fact. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157633126249795/

    Here are a couple of shots from the Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35/2.8 on the Speedbooster. So this lens is now a 37/2.



    And here are some shots from the wonderful Minolta MD 35/2.8 which can be had rather cheaply. These were not shot on a speedbooster since I have the Contax/Yashica to NEX Speedbooster, not the Minolta one. But you could buy the Minolts SB and then this little gem of a lens and have a nice fast combo.

    wide open at 2.8 (cropped to show detail)

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    May 10, 2013
    Yannis Marigo
    I've been using the FD24/2.8 a lot
    on the NEX-5N and it has been my favorite lens for landscape. Took some really really nice shots with it.
    Not the best performer wide open (28
    seems to be sharper) but perfect at small apertures.