London Hammersmaith King Street shopping

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    Kindly watch in HD by pressing right bottom button of the video.

    One of the high street's biggest successes, budget chain Primark's biggest scoop is its low-cost, high fashion clothing range. Providing cheap imitations of cat-walk trends with an amazingly quick turnaround the chain has quickly become a favourite with those keen to keep up with the latest looks but less keen on paying high prices for items set to fall out of fashion's fickle favour within a week or so. Get your mitts on cutting-edge tops from £3, trousers from £8 and coats and dresses for around a tenner. These beauties won't last long but they last long enough to see you well into the next style cycle. The men's range is less dynamic with a solid range of shirts, t-shirts, fleeces and jeans, but the kids section is great for ever-growing youngsters, while the lingerie department offers great deals on underwear and nightwear. Be warned this isn't the most relaxing of shopping experiences - rummaging, ransacking and ruthless nabbing are the norm - and the popular ranges sell out quickly so you have to be on your toes when new ranges come out. But there's no denying the thrill of coming home with a bag full of exciting goodies and still having change from a £20 note.
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