Showcase Lomography 85mm F2.2 Petzval {Going Steam Punk with the A7R)

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    Ian Fenn
    Some will think I am mad. I actually sold a Minolta 85mm varisoft to buy this lens. I wasn’t getting much use out of the varisoft and Logography’s resurrection of the Petzval really looked like a fun, albeit, expensive toy. I ordered the lens on Wednesday morning and It arrived bright and early (0700) today. I opened it immediately while making the mistake of not taking note how everything was packed away. It is one heavy hunk of brass. I had already got a cheap contactless EOS to NEX adapter online so the lens went straight on the A7r. One of our orchids was still in flower so I took a couple of photos:


    I then took the wife to work then had to walk the dog. When I got back home I then had a good look over the lens. The “slot-in” apertures are exactly as some of the reviewers reported; a real pain, tilt the lens and they fall out. Worse their small , for me this means easily lost. The suede pouch that, I guess, has to hold them is attractive well-made and totally unfit for the purpose. So it was off to the hardware store to sort the problem out. In the next photos you can see the lens on my camera and the solution I came up with. Its semi temporary I can see the bright shiny Lens barrel getting scratched. I was looking for some brass chain to keep the steam punk theme!!!




    The next series of photos are me going for a walk around the block. They are not to show any skill on my part, but rather to show me and hopefully you what the lens can do and what its focus limitations are. The first photos are not that sharp, I learnt that manual focus assist is a must with this lens…The constant temptation when looking through the view finder was to attend to the background ( just to see what was happening). Manual focus assist stopped me being distracted by what was happening with the bokeh. The first group of pictures was taken with the 2.2 aperture. The final ones were with the 4.2 star shaped apertures







    This next shot shows how central the area of focus is.....You can throw the rule of thirds out the window when using this lens



    One of my neighbours was washing his bike. He agreed to me taking a photo at this stage I had swapped to the star shaped aperture as I was focusing on the bike suddenly all these stars appeared( the bike wasn't in focus)


    In focus its just a badly composed photo:


    By the end of the walk I was getting the idea of how to get stars in the background and the subject in focus


    I rephotographed the sunflower(plus bee).....and actually got it in focus, and I got the stars as well


    Its a really fun lens but its let down a little by small things such as not having a mechanism to lock in the aperture plate.
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    Some pretty cool shots here, love the super swirly bokeh :D
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    Wow, that thing is SHINY and a bit odd.

    Some serious bokeh, using keys?!?!
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    There was the option of paying €100 more and getting a black version.....If the colour change would've made the lens faster I would have paid the extra ;-).

    BTW getting the Bokeh takes some work as the subject needs a full background at a good relative distance ( changes with the focus). I suspect the lens would be a failure on a crop sensor; its more than likely It needs full frame for the bokeh to be seen.
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    Ian Fenn
    I emailed Lomography about the stops tending to fall out of the lens. It seems they had considered that problem and the solution was very low tech and not obvious( at least to me). On their sub web site are instructions on how to "calibrate the lens" Seems one needs to adjust the stops slightly with some needle nosed pliers. It worked!!! I have only one Rhetorical question: why hadn't they included that instruction in the packaging the lens came in? Heres the link to the page with the calibrating instructions:

    I see they state the lens does work with crop factored cameras...Given how hard I found learning to get the "Swirl" on the A7r I still suspect it would be even harder and less remarkable on a small sensor.
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    Old meets new - thanks for sharing! :eek: