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Little cuties


TalkEmount Veteran
Jan 25, 2019
These are small seed or insect eaters that forage on grassland or the forest floor.

Brown Thornbill. Very small but it has a big call.
ILCE-9       800mm    f/6.7    1/1000s    ISO 4000

Eastern Yellow Robin - pretty confident and curious around humans
ILCE-9       800mm    f/6.7    1/1000s    ISO 2000

Red-browed Finch - forages in flocks in the grass
ILCE-7RM3       560mm    f/7.1    1/1600s    ISO 1250

Superb Fairywren - a male in breeding plumage. He goes back to grey/brown when the breeding time is over, except for a blue tail.
ILCE-9       800mm    f/6.7    1/1000s    ISO 1600
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