List of A-mounts and their performance on Nex / Alpha APS-C

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    Couldn't find a similar thread, so if that's already been started, please point me there.

    It would be nice to have a list of A-mount lenses, good or bad, and the opinion on their performance and overall usability on Sony APS-C mirrorless. Lens showcase threads are too many & not always informative on other aspects.

    Here't the list of the lenses I tried / my opinion. All Minoltas are Maxxums, A-mounts.

    Minolta 35-70/4 Macro. One of my favorites. Very small and light, very sharp, nice colors, fast AF on LA-EA4. As with every A-mount I tried so far, the AF gets slower in dim light and it hunts but not bad. The negatives are a so-so bokeh and a rather long MFD. There's plenty of them for $40 or so delivered on

    Minolta 70-210/4 Macro "The Beercan". Another favorite. Beautiful bokeh and colors, fast accurate AF. Heavy and large. I am used to handholding it without much motion blur, but the size and weight make it less than ideal travel companion. Great for portraits and a walk in the zoo, not so much for backpacking. Paid $100 delivered from KEH, sometimes see them for less.

    Minolta 50/1.7. Very sharp stopped down a little, very portable, great bokeh and colors, AF is not the fastest, especially in dim light. Wide open a bit "glowy" but I think it's more microcontrast than lack of sharpness. Stopped down just a bit, razor sharp. Easily holds it's own - perhaps even outperforms - SEL50 between f2.8 - f4. But overall, SEL50 is a better lens because of OSS and great performance wide open. Bought mine for $20, but usually see them for $50-70.

    Sigma 12-24 HSM (the original version). Great range, very decent performance especially stopped down, fast focusing (kind of strange seeing a HSM motor in an UWA). But, relatively heavy and large, definitely a DSLR sized lens. I got mine as a gift. I put it on CL and if I sell it will likely get Rokinon 12/2, just because it's small. This is the kind of lens I'd want to take on a trip, and size matters (doesn't matter as much with Beercan because I almost never had any use for a long tele in all of my travels).

    Tokina 16-70/2.8 AT-X. Mine was a POS if I ever saw one; soft at all focal lengths, stopping down didn't help much. Beautifully built, though. I wouldn't advice it on anybody.
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    May I ask what is the af performance on the lens ty have listed. Fast enough for street photography?
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    Thanks for the thread and info. I have a Minolta maxxum 200mm 2.8 on the way and can't wait to try it!
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    They focus fast in good light, tend to hunt somewhat in bad light. The "fast" focusing is typically really fast, but that depends on a particular lens. LA-EA2 is basically a focusing unit from A57 (I think) so it's the same speed.
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