Showcase Lens Turbo-II and Canon FD 35-105mm F/3.5 Combo

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    Nov 24, 2013
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    Was planning to buy a Zhongyi Lens Turbo-II in Canon FD mount, since Mar 2015, but delayed it as items ordered on eBay were not getting delivered due to my bad luck. Thanks to member shaolin95, got the adapter in July 2015. Initial observations:
    1. The LT2 was perfect with all of my FD lenses, ie., 28mm F/3.5, 50mm F/1.4, 135mm F/3.5 and 35-105mm F/3.5. Infinity focus was perfect in all.
    2. I was mounting the adapter incorrectly. So bad that, I broke the Canon FD 50mm F1.4; it simply fell off the adapter and landed so hard on the floor that an internal Glass element shattered. It is gone. I was not going to risk the FD 28mm F3.5, my go anywhere lens. LT2 was safely packed.
    3. Few days later, figured out how easy it is to mount the LT2 thanks to You of the Tube. The FD 135mm F3.5 started seeing some light of the day as it was no longer a 202mm on APS-C.
    4. Was not going to risk FD 28mm yet. So, the FD 35-105mm F3.5 biggie which spent more times at home (due to the bulk, AFAIK) was chosen as the obvious Guinea Pig. Nothing was falling off from the Camera in the next few days.

    In the first week of August 2015, had to go to Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, Kerala in India. After due consideration, decided to risk the Guinea Pig during the trip. Surprise surprise, the “NEX + LT2 + Guinea Pig combo” is so versatile that the Canon became the preferred lens during the trip. I used it more like a Landscape Lens, with occasional tele shots. The SEL55210 was left behind in the room almost all the times.

    Just took one comparo shot between the “LT2 plus biggie” and “the OM28mm” at equal aperture (what lousy comparo Vijay ?) around 7:10PM.Shots below:

    Framing was very poor, due to the darkness of picture using the OM (basically it was the 2nd shot for comparo). Now to more Pics:


    Bow and Arrow are in the logo of the Institute.



    A crop from the above Pic (little enhanced for contrast and back-lighting):

    I and shots from a moving vehicle are inseperable. This one below was shot from a crawling mini-bus:

    One day noticed a bee-hive in the making, in a small shrub. It was coming up below my waist level. the huge minimum focusing distance was a thumbs down for this shot. Finally tried the Macro; the lens was pretty close to the hive. The breeze was not making things easy. Stood up with the LCD tilted up (ready to RUN). Clicked a few shots and ran away as the hive kissed the lens. Escaped unhurt. This is one shot with some sort of focussing:


    Now check this one with my earlier bee-hive shot using the SEL 55210 in April. Even at 8 ft away, I was not comfy, and here in the shot above, I-the-idiot was standing uneasy close.


    LT sample without Blue Dot? No way. Next 20s exposure brought it out. Oops. Will need to upload the Pic a bit later.
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    Nov 24, 2013
    bangalore, india
    We were required to prepare a report; we made the corridor our discussion area and I lost focus after 8PM. Result is this 20 seconds exposure Pic (full manual mode). BTW, is there a way I could have avoided the multiple flares ?


    One day we went to Beypore Beach ( where river meets the Arabian Ocean and almost kilometer long marina is constructed. The Pics below:


    That's my friends Guha, Ajay and Ambrose up there. I was told that the lamp posts are pre-independence.

    Finally the confluence of river and sea:

    Just before sunset and having finished all food items :) 

    You can still make out the boundary in the above picture. After this, rains came from nowhere and we had to run the long distance to the waiting taxi. Fully drenched in the end.

    The next day I taught Guha how to play with a manual focus lens. He had the initial difficulty with the size and weight of the Canon. After sometime he clicked my below picture:

    Yep, we were surrounded by Trees and Hills full 360°. Whoever visits South India should take time off to go see Kerala - God's own country. Lots and lots of sea-food. Unfortunately, I don't like sea-food that much but, most of my friends had a rocking time; stop the car where ever you want and eat such a huge variety of sea-food hot-hot. It is great to see people enjoy their food.

    The LT-II ensured that the big Canon saw more light. I believe the LT-II is more suited for the FD 28mm. It is a terrific combo and could feature in another thread some time later. Missing my 50mm though :blush:. Thanks for reading. Good night.
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