Lens booster EOS + distagon 35mm 1.4

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by alainib, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Hello and happy new year everybody.
    I follow you since many months and that's my first thread. ( sorry for the english mistakes in advance ).

    I tried on my sony nex 5n a lens booster EOS (chinese one) + EOS to C/Y adapter + CZ distagon 35mm 1.4.
    i notice after the shoots that the left side of the picture is very blurred compared to the right side, not from the lens but from the lens booster and/or adapter...
    ( if someone know how to fix it thanks ;) ).

    This is some pictures with this combo, very few at f1.4 because sharpness is better at f2 and difference in light between F1.4 and F2 is very little i find.
    ( pictures DSC08209 and DSC08206 at f1.4, landscape around f5.6/8 and all others around f2/f2.8 )
    somepictures are post processed in DXO for brightess, few contrast or color rendition.


    Best regards
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    It is a very nice lens and nice shots in your link. I haven't checked thoroughly but more adapter/glass you add means you are adding more errors on your combination. There is a nice article about it:

    I also used a similar combination, Metabones SB+EOS/CY adapter+CY lenses but I haven't noticed a problem or maybe I haven't checked in detail... All you can do is eg try to use a EOS lens to see if there is a problem w/ the lens booster, then you can get identify which adapter might be causing it.
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    The results seem pretty good.

    Anytime you add adapters that is one more fail point.
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    I also have a M42 to EOS adapter, i will try to see if problem occur also.