Leica lenses and Sony NEX-7

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    Jun 18, 2013
    hi all:

    i have a NEX-7 and a set of 70's vintage Leica M lenses for it, and i use a Hawk's Factory adapter to allow the lenses to fit. the system is not perfect, but with care, i have been able to get surprisingly good results. has anyone tried using Leica R lenses with an adapter? i would like to buy a 135 and the M 135 has rangefinder "goggles" that i'm not sure can come off the lens and have the mount still work. i see on ebay and amazon that there are quite a few R adapters available, though none so far i've seen has the focus ring that the Hawk's Factory lens has, a feature i use occasionally with the M lenses. so, my questions are:

    as anyone tried Leica R lenses on a NEX-7?

    and if so, do they work, focus at infinity, etc?

    what adapter?