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    Throughout the extended history of the Earth, there comes a time when dinosaurs first appeared about 200 million years ago and become the ultimate rulers of the planet for 130 million years. Over long periods of time, the ancient landmass Pangaea split into different continents as a result of plate tectonic movements. Dinosaurs evolved into a whole family of different species in order to adapt to the changing environment, but they ultimately could not escape from extinction and all disappeared about 65 million years ago. Thanks to the efforts of paleontologists, today we can have a glimpse of how dinosaurs survived and reigned from the large number of fossils unearthed. Dinosaur fossils can be found on all continents and more than 1,000 species have been named. Today, China has become one of the countries where most dinosaur species are discovered and many of them are unique.

    The Hong Kong Science Museum had organised a number of dinosaur exhibitions and all were well received. The coming "Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs" exhibition would be the largest ever presented in Hong Kong. This exhibition is solely sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. In this exhibition, new technologies and presentation methods will be used to introduce the largest Titanosaurus and the latest studies on dinosaurs. Occupying an area of 2,500 sq. metres, the exhibition is divided into four areas with different themes:

    Multimedia Theatre: The large-scale computer animations in this area will bring visitors back to the age of dinosaurs.
    Animatronic Dinosaur Zoo: The robotic dinosaurs and interactive exhibits featured in the "Dino Jaws" Exhibition** will allow visitors to learn about the eating behaviours of dinosaurs.
    Fossil Excavation Site: Visitors will be able to appreciate the hard work of excavation and repairing of fossils through a reconstructed dinosaurs burial site.
    Fossil Gallery: More than a hundred exotic fossils and exhibits from ten museums will be displayed in this area. Together with the interactive games developed with latest technologies, visitors can learn about the latest discoveries in dinosaurs.
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    Another great video.

    Please do us a favor though and just provide us a link to all the other info.
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