Larger, softer eyecup?

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    So between May and July, I now have lens implants. I was diagnosed with cataracts (Right eye, dominant, worse than the left). So now I'm far-sighted instead of near-sighted.

    On the good side, the lens implants have made it easier to see in the EVF. Before I knew I had cataracts, I was never happy with the diopter adjustment, and could never figure out why. Turns out I was getting sort of a triple vision that in the EVF was just a mild blur.

    So now I don't need glasses to see, except for reading. Which is really bizarre. So for the camera, I can now adjust the diopter for my eyes without glasses, and can see far away and shoot with the EVF just fine. But using the LCD means I can't see it - It's a blur. I've been thinking I should just turn the LCD off and use the EVF, but not 100% sure yet.

    And to make matters worse, I find I'm poking myself in the eye with the camera! Since I'm not wearing glasses, nothing stops the camera, and after shooting today, my eye hurts. :cautious:

    So I searched the web for some sort of larger, softer, eyecup that would mount on the A6000, but can't locate one. There is supposedly a version that went on the RX1, but I can't find a source - But $55 or more, is too much.

    I'm looking more for something like this:

    But it doesn't look like it will work with the A6000.

    Anyone else know of an alternative eyecup to the FDA-EP10?
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    Not much of a help, but I've also read that the RX1 Eyepiece is the one to get. Unfortunately, I've never seen one for sale in my daily ebay rounds... How about calling B&H photo and ask them?
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    Agree...the price is obscene but I put the large RX1 eyecup on the NEX/7...just gritted my teeth and resigned myself to the fact that it was part of the overall camera cost