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Konica 50/1.4 (thank you Dixey!)


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Sep 7, 2012
After a Nexless spell I decided on a second go round with the NEX 7....... it lasted 10mins, and then went back. Focussed beautifully, peaked just fine, i was happy as the poverbial! Then i realized the EVF didnt work at all and it froze everytime i pressed the playback button (sigh).

The upside was that i got to try my 'new' Konica 50/1.4, courtesy of DixeyK (who was super helpful throughout the process of posting from US to UK) and although I only got a few quick shots I think I love it, and cant wait to try it again....

DSC00021 (2).jpg
DSC00024 (2).jpg
DSC00039 (2).jpg

At the same time as i got the '7' I got an A57, £350 plus £50 rebate from Sony, in perfect condition. The '7' was £530 and with a possible £100 rebate if id kept it, all from Jessops. Gotta go through a few frogs to get my Prince Nex it seems...but the legacy will continue ;)


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