Showcase Kiron 28mm f2.0 lens on NEX-6

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    During the era of manual focus SLR cameras, one of the most highly regarded of the independent lens makers was Kiron. One of their lenses with a good reputation that I lusted for in that era, but could not afford as a hobby photographer, was the Kiron 28mm f:2.0.

    About 15 years ago, I had a chance to buy a used version for about $25 for my MD-mount Minolta cameras. Here is a shot taken last weekend with that lens on my NEX-6, using a MD-NEX adapter.

    Taken inside my local Public Library at f:2.0, 1/60 second, ISO 1600.

    kiron 28mm f20.jpg

    - Tom -
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    I got one for $5 as part of a $20 deal - neither the guy selling it to me nor I appreciated the value of that lens, both monetary and as a great optics.

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