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Just started in video editing...

Richard Crowe

TalkEmount Top Veteran
Sep 14, 2018
I have just started simple video editing and really like iMovie on my iPhone. However, I would like a bigger screen and I am considering getting an iPad to use iMovie for simple editing. Pricewise, an iPad 7th generation with 256 GB is about the same as an iPad 8th generation with 64 GB. Wgich would be best for imple 4K video editing and rendering?

I have an SD card to Apple lightning reader coming so, I can shoot with either my iPhone of my Sony mirrorless A6600...


TalkEmount Hall of Famer
Feb 17, 2015
Orange County CA, USA
If the 256/64 numbers refer to RAM, I'd go with the 256, especially for video editing.
I could be wrong, but I'

edit: Don't know why but this reply got cut off some how.

...but I'd always read more RAM is better than less.
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