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Just how loud is a Nex C3?


TalkEmount Rookie
Sep 1, 2011
210miles North Of London
Ok I have a fair few cameras knocking about, some quiet some not so.

I have been using my Nex C3 over the past week, and thoroughly enjoy using it, however one thing that has struck me is how loud it is when you either fire a single shot or use the panoramic mode.

I was in a church taking shots of the stained glass window, every time I fire the camera at least 2 or 3 people looked round.

Did you take a picture?

Who! me?

Nar it was him over there. (you know one of those silent conversations you have with people) :D

The question is, why is something so small and with out a mirror so loud? :)


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 10, 2011
I had a look through the handbook and the only thing I can find regarding sound, is for the controls. I would have thought the camera could be silenced for quiet areas as I can with my D-Lux 5, maybe someone else can answer this question.

Cheers, Macjim.


New to TalkEmount
Sep 6, 2011
The NEX-3/5 and C3 are all noted for their loud shutters. Wait till you use the multi-shot modes, and the thing sounds like a machine gun. There is nothing you can do about it except to be proud of it :)

The NEX-5N is loud too, but half as short with the first electronic curtain shutter. So instead of KAA-ZAAAM-ZUCK; it's a more tolerable ZAM-ZUCK. You can search on youTube and hear the difference.

Even though it does not have the mirror flap; a mirrorless camera does have to do double duty with the shutter (since the shutter is normally open for live view):
close/open/(expose)/close/open sequence.

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