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Just got a bag of lenses


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Aug 7, 2011
I just traded an old iMac with some screen issues for a bag of old lenses. For K-mount and OM mount. I have an OM to NEX adapter. I'll have to get a K-mount adapter, but I also have an ME Super, so that's OK, too.

  • OM 50mm 1.8, but the aperture ring is a little wiggly
  • Soliger brand 2X teleconverter for OM
  • JC Penny brand 28mm 2.8, but the aperture blades don't work. So that'll be a fun project. Crazy close focus and nice bokeh though.


A couple of lens cases and a nice sized lens box.

The computer was probably worth $100-150, so I think it was a fair trade.

I'm going to keep old lenses I come across, because I think a FF interchangeable mirrorless is not that far away, and the 28s will be fun to play with, as will a 135/2.5.


Super Moderator
Oct 28, 2011
Washington State
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I have the 135/2.5. It works well if you can keep direct light off the front element or it flairs. It's also prone to purple fringing wide open, but stopped down a stop or two it's fine.

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