It is 4:50 in the morning....

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    Jan 11, 2013
    .....and the clock alarm just fired. I have to dress fast and rush. Train departs at 5:30. Only one per hour and I should not be late.

    Time flies, having traveled 80 kilometers, the time is around 6:50. At the office, unlocking my door. Brain does not exist, perhaps I left it home...
    Deadline is close though no time to loose.
    It is 7:45 phone rings, my 7 month old daughter is sick and I have to return back. "The return trip is only one per hour. Any chance I will get the next train?" " I have to rush, lock the office, inform colleagues and dissapear".
    If I loose the bus then also my train connection is lost.

    At the train station, I made it!
    Train comes at around 4 minutes. My brain can not stop thinking "is she okay?" , "how bad can it be"?. My hand drifts for a second and finds my small compact camera, that I always have with me.

    I look at the clock again, and it says 3 minutes. "What can I do in 3 minutes?"

    Well it might be better to spend just the next 3 minutes to be creative.

    Three minutes, before the train arrives, in an almost empty rather dull train station.

    Why not? At least photography would be always much more that a nice composition, correct lighting and proper camera settings. It is always gonna be all these that we have in mind and can not be easily captured.Καθημερινότητα/Three-Minutes-Left/
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    Great little story and some fun shots.

    Try posting a few directly.
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    Jan 11, 2013
    Hi thanks for your suggestion. when I was making this post I still had reasons to forget that :p