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Is the NEX-7 a game changer?


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Sep 19, 2011
And will it force improvements in m43 sensors, and/or force Canon's hand in the mirrorless segment?

I have to admit, just from handling some of the existing NEX cameras, and reading specs of the NEX-7, I haven't been that impressed. But after reading the Luminous Landscape review, I'm forced to reconsider. I still think the combination of tiny bodies and large lenses is awkward, but if Michael Reichmann likes the way it handles I need to pay attention.

Right now I'm invested in m43 and Canon EOS, so I'm actually hoping a mirrorless body with this level of image quality forces Panasonic to up it's game with sensor technology, or that Canon responds with an excellent small(er) series of bodies that might take existing EOS lenses. If not, though, I may have to seriously consider a system switch one of these days.

In any case, I'll be paying a lot more attention to the NEX lineup than I did in the past.


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Aug 27, 2011
Maybe it's not a game changer, but for me this is the first mirrorless camera that combines all the features I want (small body, large sensor, excellent handling, stunning viewfinder, great movie mode). Now if only Sony's lens line-up was up to par with the body...


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 8, 2011
It's too early to know if it will be a "game changer" but it certainly takes the mirrorless ILC cameras to a whole new level. The NEX-7 "might" be the first ILC that is truly capable of replacing a DSLR for the overwhelming majority of people (from enthusiasts to working professionals).

However, it will only be a "game changer" if other camera manufacturers release cameras that directly compete with it feature-by-feature as if marking off a checklist.

I own Olympus 4/3 cameras and lenses, m4/3 cameras and lenses, and a NEX-3 with lenses (and I've pre-ordered the NEX-7). If the NEX-7 and new lenses live up to the hype then it might be a "camera changer" for me ... I "might" go ahead and sell my m4/3 gear.


TalkEmount Rookie
Sep 30, 2011
I opened a similar/related topic, in order to win the NEX-5N(!) before seeing this one (NEX: Future of APS-C?). I do think it's a game changer in that I don't see the need for DSLRs to have APSC-sized sensors. The smaller form factor (without losing utility or quality or price) compared to DSLR bodies makes it hard to justify. Once the lens and accessory infrastructure is built out, I don't see prosumers wanting or needing DSLR-size bodies except for those wanting full frame.

I think this is where NEX-7 really (hopefully) shines: offering manual controls, flash shoe, EVF (that is nearly as good as OVF). We'll see, but I'm filling my piggybank for one. (Unless I win the NEX-5N!)

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