Is it worth switching from 18-105G to 16-70 Zeiss?

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Lenses' started by WestOkid, Dec 8, 2014.

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    Jan 25, 2014
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    I am seriously considering selling my 18-105G and getting a 16-70Z. This is not about IQ, but if the Zeiss were clearly better it would be an easier decision. I am quite happy with the IQ from the 18-105G. I think it is a wonderful standard lens. So why do I want to switch?

    1. The size is starting annoy me. It is not big by DSLR standards, but it does turn my a6000 into the size of a DSLR with a kit lens attached. I tried to convince myself I was fine with it, but I am not. I find myself leaving it home in favor of the kit lens more and more. This way I can throw my Rokinon (UWA) and another prime (fast) in my Domke bag.
    2. The weight - I have slight curve in the spine (scoliosis). Because of this, the muscles in my back can become inflamed during long hikes. The more weight I carry, the quicker it sets in. Particularly one-sided weight like a camera slung over the shoulder.
    3. The focal range - Unlike when I started and I shot more nature, I am now leaning to landscape. This means I care more about the extra 2 millimeters on the wide end.
    4. Lack of close focus - One of the weaknesses of the 18-105 is its magnification (.11x) vs (.23x) for the 16-70 Zeiss. Neither is a macro, but the Zeiss is very versatile for the type of stuff I would shoot. Anyone who has tried to shoot a dragonfly or bee on a flower with this lens knows how frustrating it is. You end up with a picture that you have to crop much more than you would expect. In the end, it is soft and discouraging. As a result, I only use my SX50 for such endeavors. I have never had a lens with so little magnification. Even the kit is .21x.

    So my question is, are those things enough to justify the amount of money I will loose making the switch? Would I regret it? Please help because I don't have money to burn, but I want to be comfortable with my kit.
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    I have the 16-70 and have played with the 18-105 including shooting them side by side. The points you listed would make it easy if not for $$$. I found sometimes wanting for a bit more telephoto with the 16-70, but otherwise love it. You are correct it just feels like a great small extension of my a6000. I found the 18-105 sharper at 70, about as good at 50, but the 16-70 is better on the wide end. Hope that helps.
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    This was the information i was looking for.
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    I replied to your other thread.