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    I have just bought a very cheap C3. Cause I am a curious guy...
    As a m4/3 user (E-P2 and GF1), I must say the Sony sensor is superior by a large amount in the high iso imaging; this is what I see after some quick and rough comparison.

    Now, what?
    Sensor IQ is not my primary concern: I like street-photography and, while a properly focused and detailed shot is desirable, a smart, usable and quick camera is perhaps more important. AND... Most important is: a good lens on a bad sensor is better than a bad lens on a good sensor.

    Don't get me wrong: I'd love to win a Nex5n... ;) and the 18-55 is a honest zoom. But the usability of a GF1 or any of the m4/3s is a different story, and they have lined up a great collection of very good lenses. Don't know what to do of this little gem at the moment.
    I truly appreciate the innovation Sony is bringing in the photographic arena, but I am waiting for the lenses (primes, in my case).
    Let's say with these provoking words: put a Sony sensor in a micro 4/3 and you'll have the final system. Put a micro 4/3 sensor in a Sony camera, and you'll have a brick.

    Oh, yes: the 24mm is coming. One of the lines I read often is that Sony offers valid lenses at a better price than m4/3. Ok. But when you want a good one... ... ...

    Will I keep the C3? Dunno. I'll give it a try if I can find a cheap 16mm, for the moment.


    (if I look harsh, it's cause of my english: these are my free thoughts, feel free to contradict/educate me!)