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Inside a camera bag c.1986


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Aug 22, 2012
So my dad passed on a couple years ago and my mom was slowly clearing through his stuff. A couple weeks ago, I was bequeathed all his old photography magazines, which he collected in the 1980s and '90s mostly. I was going to throw most of them out but flipping through them, I realized they were kind of historical artifacts. One was a magazine all about color and reproduction using a complex array of filters (thank goodness for Photoshop) and went through the entire science of printing. We don't have to care about that anymore, phew!

Anyway, I found these gems from a different magazine, "Satterwhite on Color and Design", printed in 1986. The contents a pro photographer would have lugged around in his bag (I omit the lighting bag he carried, which was kind of crazy).

Thought you guys might enjoy this little blast from the past... we have it kind of lucky when you think about the arguments over gear choice nowadays!


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Oct 19, 2018
North Essex UK
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That makes my load feel less excessive. I think that doubles the number of lenses I carry with my A7ii, and the telephoto selection are probably all heavier than anything I pack routinely.

I suspect any photographer carting that lot around will have at least 2 assistants, so I will still try & schedule a rethink of my kit.

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