Infrared from Nex 5N

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    Apr 20, 2016
    Jon Bowles
    The first Sony camera I bought was an infrared converted Nex 5N, which I am still using. Buying an A7s and A7rii has resulted in more lenses, and the replacement of my much-loved Pentax 15mm Ltd (probably used on half my ground-based IR images) with a Voightlander Super-Heliar II 15mm.

    I got into infrared photography primarily for aerial photography (I had two IR converted Pentax cameras before the Nex), but I love using it on the ground too. The camera is converted at 665nm, though I also use 720nm and 830nm filters on the camera.

    6936320823_ce36bace83_o. Barrage Lalla Takerhoust by Jon, on Flickr

    8186137366_6673578296_o. Toledo IR Panorama by Jon, on Flickr

    6835476770_97b4125181_o. IR Dogs by Jon, on Flickr

    8278460151_a8b18aba57_o. L'ile du soleil levant by Jon, on Flickr

    This one at 830nm

    6432910809_8331c8daaf_o. Al Zubara Fort by Jon, on Flickr
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