Impromptu Long Exposure Shoot

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    Dec 29, 2013
    Impromptu Long Exposure Model Shoot

    So I put out a call on Facebook to see who wanted to shoot today, and I had several responses. Sienna is one of my favorite models, and she could make it this afternoon, so we set up a really quick shoot based on a long exposure ('cause I love my new variable ND filter and I wanted to try it with a human in the picture), a wedding dress (because as a portrait and conceptual photographer I own some ridiculous wardrobe), and my Yong Nuo flashes (I'm still working on a flash kit to replace my Canon flashes). We came up with the idea to shoot a ghost bride who died 100 years ago. We decided she had been trampled by a horse and that we'd be recreating the ghost's recollection of that day. :) We shot six frames, three of which were tests to figure out the combination of flash and ambient exposure with a huge helping of neutral density filtration. Final stats: ISO 100, f/11, 25 seconds, 4 Yong Nuo 560-III flashes at full power (70mm setting), triggered by a Yong Nuo 506-TR transmitter. The only things added in post were the color effects.

    Here's the shot straight out of the camera and the finished piece, which I called "Down to the Burial Ground."


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