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'I Sure Wish Sony Could Make Some Pancakes Like These'


TalkEmount All-Pro
Feb 4, 2012
New Zealand
I very nearly bought the Samsung NX200 when I was choosing which mirrorless camera to buy. I really like the square-edged rangefinder look of that body especially with the dial at the corner. I actually like the button layout much better than my 5N.

I got the NEX-5N because I liked the metal look of the lenses better, that and the SEL16 lens (I think Samsung didn't have a 16mm at the time).

I have no regrets though! :)


TalkEmount All-Pro
Aug 22, 2012
The review of the 16/2.4 seems pretty similar to the E-mount 16/2.8 - soft edges, actually worse distortion... and of course the solution to the soft edges is to switch to f4-8 which is exactly the same thing you need to do with the 16/2.8. It costs a lot more though.

As for the 30/f2, guess we'll see the comparison with Sony's upcoming 35/1.8 soon. I'm really looking forward to this lens - if it has OSS as rumoured I can't see it being a pancake though

edit: There's actually a straight head-to-head review of the two 16mm lenses

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