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I shot a wedding with my NEX-5


TalkEmount Regular
Sep 1, 2011
Macon, GA USA
My wife and I shot a wedding over the weekend, she was shooting with her Sony Alpha 350 and me with my NEX-5. I've been using my NEX-5 since April of this year, but this was the first serious test of the camera and my ability to use it. It was a frazzling day, but really well worth all the work.

I swapped between my 18-55 and 16; the 18-55 outdoors and with the flash indoors and the 16 for tight spaces indoors and when I needed to get really wide outdoors. I made a flash diffuser out of a opaque film canister by cutting a hole in the side for the front of the flash unit to stick into partially. The flash was still a little harsh, but it was that, or not getting the shot! I had a couple of instances where the camera couldn't focus fast enough for action in lower light with the 18-55mm, but other than that it functioned perfectly. The flash didn't charge quite fast enough at some points so I want to look into that new Sony NEX flash sometime soon. When I was shooting a lot of quick shots in succession the camera got hot on the bottom and back. I hinged the LCD up and out just in case, but it never malfunctioned. I wound up getting about 800 shots out of each battery and changed them out when they got down to around 15%. That was a pleasant surprise.

If we're going to be shooting any more weddings and especially if we're going to start shooting portraits I think I'll need to get the 50 f/1.8. My wife has the 50 f/1.8 in the Alpha mount and really loves it.

I only got one comment about my wife shooting "the fancy camera". People, especially where the wedding was, don't know much about photography and really didn't understand that my NEX-5 was as good as that Alpha 350.


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 8, 2011
The problem with the standard flash and the upgraded HVL-F20S flash is that BOTH use the camera's battery to charge the flash capacitor. In short, there is no flash option that offers extremely rapid flash cycling on the NEX-3, 5, C3 and 5N. The new NEX-7 with the ability to use Alpha flashes will be good for people who need a fast flash.

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