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I just purchased a tripod collar for my Sony 70-350mm lens

Richard Crowe

TalkEmount Top Veteran
Sep 14, 2018
The one thing that I miss regarding my Sony 70-350mm lens is the lack of a tripod collar/ring. Sure, the lens is small and light enough that it should not cause the camera any problems when I have the lens mounted to the camera and attached to a tripod. However, the nice aspect of a tripod collar/ring is that I can switch from the horizontal to the vertical camera position (and also positions in-between) without moving the camera/lens from the tripod clamp...
While perusing eBay, I found this tripod collar/ring and purchased it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/373113458845
I previously purchased an eBay tripod ring/collar for my 70-200mm f/4 G OSS lens because the replacement collar is grooved for an Arca Compatible Clamp. I am quite happy with the build of this third party offering...
All of my tripods and monopods are equipped with A/C clamps. I find it a lot easier to use a tripod collar/ring grooved for an A/C clamp so that I do not need to add a separate piece of gear between the collar and the clamp.

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