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I blame my daughter - Round 2 - Pentax K1000 and lenses


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Mar 2, 2012
New England
My daughter is at it again. She went to a flea market and found the following Pentax camera and lenses for sale:
View attachment 34997

She was only interested in the camera strap!

Seller wanted $30 for the whole shebang. Daughter offered $20, and the sale was made.

The lenses are:
  • 50mm f1:2 SMC Pentax-M lens in K mount
  • 100-200mm f1:5.6 Super Albinar lens in K mount
  • Samigon APK Auto Teleplus 2x converter
No idea who made the "Super Albinar". Glass seems to be in good shape, focus and aperture okay. The zoom lens is really loose - Lens creep if tilted up or down.

The shutter speeds on the camera seem reasonably accurate. There's a CR44 battery in the bottom that runs a light meter that also appears to work, but I have not checked the accuracy.

Anyone know anything about these lenses? Should I bother getting an K-mount adapter for the NEX? I certainly would only get a physical adapter - These aren't worth paying for a focal reducer version.


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Oct 28, 2011
Washington State
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The f/2.0 version of the M50 series of lenses was the kit lens of its day. It is the least regarded of the M50s. No idea how it works on a aps-c sensor. The others I have no knowledge of.


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Aug 12, 2014
Arrid Zone-A, USA
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The Pentax-M 50-f/2 was an average lens in the scope of Pentax offerings. A kit prime lens. The performance doesn't blow my skirt up compared to more better imaging 50mm f/2 lenses of the time. ie. Fujinon 55 f/2.2, Minolta MD 50 f/2, Mamiya/Sekor Auto 50 f/2, XR Rikenon 50 f/2, Yashica ML 50 f/2. to name a few superior f/2 nifty fifties.
The ebay price of the lens ranges from $15-30. A K-mount dumb adapter about $9. I don't know why you'd want a focal reducer/speed booster for it though. Not worth it.
It's OK to play around with if you have further aspirations to try K-mount lenses. As there are some finer ones.

As for the other two items, don't bother, not worth anything. They are low quality third party lenses sold by discount camera departments of retail chains.
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Oct 19, 2018
North Essex UK
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As others have said the lenses are nothing special, but don't forget the camera! If it's in working condition it's probably worth more than the $30 originally asked for on it's own. The K1000 is one of the more highly regarded basic SLRs.

Personally I'd class the Pentax M 50/2 to be a budget alternative rather than the kit lens. All the Pentax bodies I have from this period came with a M50/1.7 not significantly faster, and currently not significantly more expensive either. I think I have four of these as well as a couple of the later A 50/1.7s but I've never had a 50/2.
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