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    Mar 2, 2012
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    Daughter needed to do some portraits for class, but the school studio was booked. Local camera store wanted $100 for a softbox. Found an E-bay item, $90 for two, which arrived this past Friday.

    (Click on any image for a larger view)

    <a href="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-9HecDJO3zUo/UWtetLWz5PI/AAAAAAAAAIs/ca-ny_wCrUI/s2048/Home+Studio+0007.jpg"> Home+Studio+0007. "1024"></a>

    For comparison, a shot with her 5dMkII and 24-105/f4 L and the 5n with SEL50/f1.8:

    <a href="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-oO3Wh-3PD1c/UWterA9c13I/AAAAAAAAAIQ/OcwtHRgcl7I/s2048/Home+Studio+0002.jpg"> Home+Studio+0002. "512"></a> <a href="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-XfIwxAIK5_I/UWteuUPB6NI/AAAAAAAAAI8/8q-pgjyl8lg/s2048/Home+Studio+0009.jpg"> Home+Studio+0009. "512"></a>

    And a couple of yours truly, both with the NEX. First is the Canon 70-210 FD; Second is the Sony SEL50/1.8:
    <a href="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-ltWovx9Zop4/UWtep-WUFYI/AAAAAAAAAIE/ODjbkggMjHw/s2048/Home+Studio+0001.jpg"> Home+Studio+0001. "512"></a> <a href="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-BBudbn5PvzY/UWtestQ9txI/AAAAAAAAAIk/g5k_Pwq9-e8/s2048/Home+Studio+0006.jpg"> Home+Studio+0006. "512"></a>